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I am on a quest for the perfect cookie for me. I eat a paleo-ish diet: always gluten free, often paleo. I agree that food out of a box is not nutrition (but I still eat it on occasion). I desire to be healthy, and yet sometimes I crave a cookie.

Most paleo cookies out there use almond flour. I tried that for awhile. I can take about one cookie. After one, I still want to keep eating them, but I end up feeling like I have rocks in my stomach. Too heavy. No thank you.

Coconut flour is ok, but when I tried it with brownies they were much too dry. And I don’t have easy access to coconut flour in Japan. (Although I may also find baking difficult in Japan, so it may be a moot point).

Straight-up gluten-free deserts are tasty, but too often give me a light-headed and queasy feeling from all the sugar and easily digested flours.

There must be a way you can make cookies from a mix of straight up vegetables? You can basically make a cookie out of just egg, and you can make pancakes out of egg and banana (I tried it once and it was fine, but pancakes are an excuse for maple syrup for me, and then the syrup went to my head. So they’re probably not worth it for me).

Which vegetables do you think would work best? I’m curious about parsnip, as it’s a bit sweet and spicy already. And of course carrot cake exists, so it seems like you could make something out of that (I tried a kugel out of basically just carrot, apple and egg, though, and it was pretty bland). Otherwise probably some sort of bland vegetable. There seem to be a lot of zucchini-cookie recipes on the web, but I think they all include flour.

Please give me pointers on my quest if you’ve heard of vegetable-based cookie!