apple snack

Pull up a chair for a snack.

We don’t have an oven here so my old standby of baked apple isn’t possible. This is my easiest quick snack that’s somewhat similar.

1. Dice your apples

2. Cut thin slices of butter

3. Sprinkle with cinnamon


Apple pieces

Some people might ask why so much butter? As you can see in my old egg salad breakfast post, I’m not scared of butter (though that breakfast got heavy and I eat a simpler one this year — I’ll post it at some point). Read up on the Paleo Diet or Weston A. Price diet for a comprehensive explanation. My simple explanation is that apples are sweet, and without an accompanying fat they’ll spike my blood sugar and make me hungrier later.

You can even melt your butter for an closer approximation of a baked apple.

apple piecesI’m not a fan of the design on our plates, but they were free! Free dishware is always nice when you’re living somewhere temporarily.