“What will they think of next?” This country with so many unique inventions came up with a machine that makes bread out of rice! Some friends gave us one as a wedding present and I was so excited to use it.

Of course, the directions are all in Japanese. I don’t think they’ve realized they would have a strong market for this in the US! As my husband went through the directions we discovered there are only a few recipes that are completely gluten-free only, but a few was all we needed. I don’t think any of the recipes actually included rice turning into bread like in the video (around 36 sec) but turning rice flour into bread is good enough for me.

We followed the recipe exactly and while the ingredients are probably similar to what I’d eat if I bought gluten-free bread in a store somewhere, many (like vegetable oil) weren’t ones I’d include if I were making my own healthified food at home. Here’s our first, pretty pathetic-looking attempt at bread:

Gluten-free rice bread made in the Gopan.

Our first attempt at gluten-free rice bread made in the Gopan. Rather short. And not quite the crusty top you might want.

It was still edible. For me. But not really a success. We tried it a few more times and got the ingredients to mix together better, but with our busy schedules and my inability to actually read the directions, we didn’t get much more bread made while in Japan. Currently our machine is in storage while we’re traveling, but I’m looking forward to experimenting with it again in a year. I hate wasting ingredients since I certainly don’t have a fool-proof paleo-ish bread recipe, but I’ll have to try a few out once we’re reunited.

Anyone have a favorite recipe? I’m not a huge fan of nut-based paleo breads — if I’m eating bread I want a decent amount, and too many almonds expand to feel like rocks in my stomach. So if you have a great gluten free bread recipe that doesn’t rely on nut flour, canola oil, or xantham gum, I’m all ears. I love how tapioca makes things sticky so that’s probably what I’ll experiment with.